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Topone Anti-mold Technology Co. Ltd was founded in 1995, specialized in the development and manufacturing of anti-mold and anti-bacterial products, and its anti-mold products have completed REACH pre-registration, DMF-free, have passed the latest SGS, Intertek and TUV certifications, becoming China anti-bacterial materials and products industry association recognized antibacterial symbol products. The company is dedicated to providing integrated anti-mold solutions for footwear, leather goods and humidity controlling products, reduce claims and losses resulting from products damp and moldy in storage and transportation process.
So far, Topone has developed a variety of anti-mold and anti-bacterial materials, such as CASANO environmental friendly anti-mold tablet, nano desiccant, multi-function anti-mold agent, air purification and odor absorption packages and other anti-mold drying products. While seeking products innovation and changes, we also provide products of the most reasonable price, the finest quality, to meet customers’ urgent needs, to ensure customers’ best interests.
Now, Topone anti-mold environmental technology and microbiology laboratory has been built and put into use, providing customers with the greatest degree of mold analysis and prevention, materials testing and analysis, air purification and product use, to achieve better scientificity and timeliness of integrated solutions, boost enterprise products safety voyage.

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CASANO Products are REACH Pre-Registered 
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