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PackingEco-chipBe applied to the packing of shoes, garment and wardrobe.
Anti-mold paperBe applied to the packing of shoes, garment and leather goods.
Anti-mold nonwoven
Anti-mold sticker
Anti-mold agent/DeodorantAnti-mold additive(leather)Mixed with leather material at a proportion.
Anti-mold additive(glue)Mixed with glue at a proportion.
Anti-mold agentBe applied to the finished shoes, spary to the surface. Then drying.
Clean moldEliminate mold immediately.
DeodorantBe applied to the shoes and wardrobe.
Transportation/ StorageContainer dry poleBe applied to the container to control the humidity.
Absorbent clothBe applied to the container to absorb container rain,pretect the out carton from being weted.
Warehouse desiccantBe applied to the warehouse and container.Control the humidity.
DesiccantNano desiccant

Be applied to the leather, electronic, garment, shoes and ect. High absorption and macth the international standard.


Silica gelBe applied to the equipments, apparatus, meter, leather goods, handbag, shoes, garment, food, medicine and ect.
Mineral desiccant
Activated carbonUsed for air purification, filter and deodorant. Be applied to the apparatus, leather goods, handbags, shoes, garment and ect.
Powerful DesiccantUsed to prevent corrosion and dew condensation in the containers during transportation and in warehouse for various products.
Special for medicine
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