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Topone Anti-mold Technology Co.,Ltd. professionally focus in the filed as below:

· High-efficiency mildew proof products development
· Antimicrobial mechanism research
· Leather mildew proof research
· Factory environment Detection
· Stream lined mildew proof of products Dynamically
· Detection for product mildew proof
· Proposal for company mildew proof completely
Over the years,we have established long-term cooperation with the experts and professors in the Chemistry & Chemical Engineering college of Xiamen University,Chemical Engineering college of Huaqiao University and Chemistry college of Zhangzhou Nomal University.

How to recognize the mold?

Mold temperature, humidity and pH value are of a wide range. The suitable temperature for mold is 25~35℃, relative humidity is higher than 75% and pH value is between 1.5~11, the optimum pH is around 6.
The fungus species are various from the raw material of the goods, the different climate and the environment condition.

Common active fungus are listed below

Aspergillus niger,Penicillium pinophilum,Trichophyton mentagrophytes,Aureobasidium pullulans,Gliocladium virens,Chaetomium globosum,Staphylococcus aureus,Pseudomonas aeruginosa,Escherichia coli.
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