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Product description
PackingEco-chip1.Take out a piece or more anti-mold chip.
2.Stick the anti-mold chip inside the shoes box,then close the box immediately.
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Anti-mold sticker
Anti-mold nonwoven1.Take out a piece or more anti-mold non woven/anti-mold paper/PE sheet.
2.Cover the anti-mold nonwoven/anti-mold paper/PE sheet on leather,shoes or apparel,then place them into box or bags immediately.
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Anti-mold paper
Anti-mold agent/DeodorantAnti-mold additive(leather) Add the leather agent into glue,or add it during the tanning of leather according to the proportion of 3‰.
Anti-mold additive(glue)
Anti-mold agent1.Spray the anti-mold agent evenly on the surface of leather.
2.Dry the leather,the agent will become a protective film and effect last long.
Clean mold1.Spray the clean mold agent on cloth or sponge.
2.Use the cloth or sponge to wipe the leather which is molded.
Deodorantspray into shoes cabinet or shoes with the distance about 15-20cm.
Transportation/ StorageContainer dry pole1.Open the bag of anti-mold stick.
2.Hang the anti-mold stick on the container inner wall notch.
Absorbent clothAfter finish loading,cover the absorbent cloth above the cartons in the container.The area of absorbent cloth is according to the top rectangular area of container.
Warehouse desiccant1.Consult the consumption to our technology department.the consumption is counted by the volume of storehouse.
2.Place the desiccant on every conner of the wet place of storehouse.
DesiccantNano desiccant1.Take out a piece or more nano dasiccant/silica gel/mineral desiccant/activated carbon.
2.Put the nano dasiccant/silica gel/mineral desiccant/activated carbon inside the shoes box,then close the box immediately.
Silica gel
Mineral desiccant
Activated carbon
Powerful DesiccantPowerful Desiccant Take out one bag of 10g,put into carton, wrap up immediately.
Special for medicine
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