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Topone Anti-mold Technology(Hongkong)Co.,Ltd aims at providing professional anti-mold service and comprehensive solution for factories.Please contact us for further details.

· Factory Analysis

The technology department of Topone Anti-mold Technology(Hongkong)Co.,Ltd provides factory analyse,which help clients to find out a proper way to prevent mold growth.The technical personnel will notice problems which are not obvious.
It is for long term benefit to do factory analysis.

· Anti-mold training for QC

Except factory analysis,Topone Anti-mold Technology(Hongkong)Co.,Ltd can provide professional training for QC,such as the skill of anti-mold,moisture control,caculation of desiccant amount and ect.These causes can help improve the production.

· Comprehensive anti-mold solution

Topone Anti-mold Technology(Hongkong)Co.,Ltd is available to conduct on-site factory analysis to assist manufacturers in learning how to prevent mold. The analysis involves a check list of over 20 points as well as the use of specialized equipment and will cover every part of the factory from incoming materials straight through to export procedures. Through this analysis our team can identify problem areas in the factory and give advice on what action should be taken.As our company is specialized in mold prevention we will see areas and issues that are often overlooked.
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